How to protect myself against scammers?

Use cold storage - Buy a Ledger Nano S or a Trezor
Bookmark your crypto sites - Use those bookmarks and only those
Only send funds to trusted addresses - Double-check what address you're sending ETH to. Look up the address at etherscan.io and check if there are bad reviews
Never trust any discord/slack/telegram/reddit message - Don't ever fall for messages that say you can get free ETH or that a hack occured
MyEtherWallet has written a great guide on protecting yourself and your funds.

How can I join the fight?

Report scams to us here
Send abuse reports to the registrar, hosting and ssl provider of the scam domains
Install the EtherAddressLookup extension on your browser

Can I use the data from this project?

Yes, you can use our API to get the latest scams along with all extra information:
Scams: scams.json
Addresses: addresses.json
IP addresses: ips.json
Blacklist of all domains: blacklist.json

Are the reports open source? Where do they go?

All reports end up in the public channel #_bot-reports in the MyEtherWallet Slack. You can join the chat to get notifications of each report for your own purposes.

Why was the database created?

The database was created in 2017 by the MyEtherWallet team when trying to find a solution to the ethereum scams. Of course grouping all the scams won't make them go away, but it will make identifying them and taking them down easier.