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Has any of your money been stolen?


Your wallet address:

Address Information

If you're not sure, please create a new wallet at and send all your funds to your new wallet.

Before continuing you can check if any of your money was stolen by entering your old address in and see if you notice any weird outgoing transactions.

Check your browsing history

Have you entered your private key on any site different than

On what website have you entered your private key?


Browsing history

To check your browsing history, use CTRL + H (Windows) or Command + Shift + H (macOS)

See if you notice any domains that are slightly different then expected. Things like instead of .com or mycyrpto instead of mycrypto

Have you sent funds to a wrong address?

Unfortunately there is no way to refund your funds.

Where did you find the address you sent funds to?

What website did you find the address?


What message was sent to you?

Include details like name of user, platform, etc.

Where did you find the address?

Do you want to report a domain or an address?

What malicious domain would you like to report?


What malicious address would you like to report?


What would you like to report?

Please specify a reason for your report



Thanks for your report

Your report has been sent. In the meanwhile, you can learn how to protect yourself and others in the future: